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ASTP is a nonprofit organisation with headquarters in The Netherlands. ASTP are committed to promoting and facilitating knowledge transfer between universities and industry partners through a range of conferences, support network and a learning platform. Since being established in 2000, ASTP now supports more than 800 members in over 40 countries.

ASTP’s focal point has been on providing outstanding training and practice exchange among Knowledge Transfer professionals.



The existing identity

Following a corporate merger, we were approached with a need to refocus the new organisation while bringing back the feeling of ownership to the stakeholders.

The existing logo felt static, visually incohesive and had no ownable brand asset.


—Existing ASTP Proton branding


Understanding a unique industry

We started the project with a series of audits. We dissected the ASTP brand, company, mission and values. We interviewed key stakeholders and diagnosed pain-points of the existing brand. During stakeholder interviews, a key reoccurring concept around the idea of ‘transfer’ was bought forward.

We collected imagery around themes of data and physical transfer. 


Communicating ‘Knowledge Transfer’

The logo is designed to illustrate the idea of ‘transfer’ with three intersecting metaphoric highways. The icon works without the wordmark, making the biggest impact across every brand touchpoint including social media profiles, badges and future merchandise.

The new organisation’s name ‘ASTP’ and mission were given a more balanced visual hierarchy, to move the focus towards the organisation’s value and mission.